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[:gb] It doesn’t seem to be many utopian architecture examples lately. Today I’ve been watching a show on Archigram’s work, and without making a judgment on that work, I end up with the feeling that those things are no longer done. That times have changed.

Times have changed a lot since the 60’s, for sure, when those British architects criticized Bauhaus and suggested new ways of thinking.
Criticism, proposals, new ways of thinking…
Obviously, many of their proposals were mere dreams and fables hardly feasible, but as any other thing in avant-garde, the point is not in the proposal itself, but in the fact of proposing something, something different, something that let us go ahead.
In the current times, we can hardly spend the time we don’t have thinking of anything that doesn’t give any income. Maybe the closest to this is, only sometimes, some architectural competitions where once in a while we can find some different idea, out of the politically correctness and even out of what’s politically accepted as politically incorrect. Rarely they win, needless to say.
When someone with new fresh ideas gets to win once, unfortunately gets under the domain of the power of his creation, being forced to repeat once and again what once was interesting. He will learn to wrap it up in bright void arguments, that some will want to break to take his place the same way he did.
Even though History repeats a thousand times, even if we (as society) fall once and again in the same mistakes, even if despite of all the technical and technological advances we’re still in an uneven, unorganized and dangerous world, we shouldn’t throw in the towel. Instead we should keep on trying to make this work out, even if it’s only by thinking. Move your feet, and your body will follow…
Today I’ve left the exhibition hall eager to come back home, put on a Pink Floyd cd, and take the paintbrushes. With your permission, it’s what I’m doing.



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